I am Goatfreed Tschen. (see photo) ->Master Programmer++

I think I am one of the best (if not THE best) programmers in the world.

Many of my friends are also programmers. Sometimes they even event new languages like PYthon or Perl. They like the style of my www-page, so they often try to copy it:

%20 - Guido (How's it going? Still watching Monty Python?)
&mbsp; - Bjarne (Hey give 4++ Bjarne, you still owe me a coffee!)
  - P.J. - Your STL was the best. Very elegant and easy to debug.
  - Larry (Another good friend, he evented perl, super language!!)
  - Ken (He used to program games like my other friend Johnny, but Jonny doesn't like the style of my page because his page looks very moden.)
  - Linus He is not really a programmer, but makes OS things but that is also similar, so we still invite him to our coding parties.

If you want, Im also consultant for web sites design. You can contact me and write me a letter.
I live in Baden, Austria. I charge only €20.000,- for a cool html (that's the language for doing WWw)
page like this. So don't hesitate, that is REALY a bargain.

To prove I know programming, a few tips for free: do not use frames.
I never use frames in Http.
They are not good design. And in C++ always use preincrement, it's faster honestly, so
it should actually be named ++C.
And when you use duck typing in python written in CamelCase then you
have 2++ animals in --2 sentence. thats really 1337!!!!

My biggest hobbies are speed stacking and Horses (horses rock, I like them alot). There is also this elegant horse computer game

I hope this will be the most successful HTTP wwww site in the world, so please link there
from you html page to fool GOOGLE (hihi (: ).

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