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Pictures of our familiy can be found here. If you've got any new pictures you want to post, just send them to me.

Florian Chen

A historical picture showing all uncles and aunts

Jacob Bello
Heidrun & Gottfried's wedding
Susan & Lance on vacation
Mark and his dad 40 years ago

Mark: "This pic I took with them July of 1999 when I visited Taipei the first time after our family left in 1976. I met my 2 LOVELY cousins (tien ming & tien bai) that I have never met before!

Mark: "This is our family with uncle Mao Mao's older sister in the front row, and one wearing glasses behind on left is her older daughter (twin), and her husband. In the front row, the little girl is her granddaughter, Rachel. It is funny, this Rachel, was born on exactly the very same DAY our Raechel was born!!!"

Grandparents visiting Mark's family in Palo Alto in 1977

New pictures posted by Mark

A picture added by Albert of his kids (Luke and Jamie)

The one who started it all. If I'm correct the guy in the middle should be our great grandfather and the one on the right my (Gottfried) grandfather

Grandparents wedding and grandma's parents

This picture of Mark & Albert's kids was taken Christmas 1999. From left to right: Jamie, Luke, Allison, Raechel (Mark: Raechel, Allison;Albert: Luke, Jamie)

A recent picture of Jacob Bello

Christmas 2000 picture of Aunt Marian's family

Pictures of Chinese New Year in Vancouver

The photos show Tammy's (Mao Mao's daughter) parents & her aunt Chen Tien Shin who went to China to be part of the opening of San Mao's memorial meseum.(in our great
grand-father's old house!!)